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Implementing a Proven Marketing System

Attracting Customers to your Local Business is only the begining. Converting those visitors to customers is THE mission.
Content Marketing / Blogging / Events / SEO / SEM / eBooks / White Papers / Online Ads / Videos / Direct eMail / Viral Campaigns / Social Media / Trade Shows
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Happy customers refer others – They become ambassadors of your brand!

Certified Consultant

Dott Digital is proud to be part of the most impressive network of Certified Consultants in the country. Duct Tape Marketing and it's member experts are an invaluable resource used for your benefit
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Chances are you Have or are Considering Using One of the Services Below

Local SEO and Website Optimization Gets You Found in Google Search!


Blogging is three times more effective at generating sales leads than traditional marketing. That means for every lead you get from television, newspaper, radio, or billboard ads, you get three from blogging.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 Spent.

(DMA National Client Email Report 2015)

Email is the preferred source of business communication for 72% of consumers. (Marketing Sherpa)

Dott Digital will help you build a list of opt-in users, interested in your products or services.

Social Media Marketing

78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. (Relevanza).

Apply a strategy, discover your voice, and share it!

Dott Digital will create compelling content that gets read and shared, helping to create a steady stream of leads!

Website SEO & Local Search

Your website needs to be found, not because you have fed the search engines, but because you offer valuable insights for your ideal customer, using Google best practices!

You market to attract. You optimize to convert.

Video Marketing

You can expect 4X the engagement  if you use Video over text and static content. This is true for every aspect of your online marketing efforts. Send a marketing email: Embed a video

About us Page: Talk personally to your customers or employees. Facebook Posts: Video will get clicks!

Social Media Advertising

Today's advertiser can pinpoint and communicate to a very granular persona of your customer. Dott uses analytics and tools offered by the SM channels to put your message where your customers hang out.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and reporting are tools we use to show you progress and document results. Google Analytics are useful, but they only track numbers, not customers. We do both.

Consulting & Strategic Planning

We offer a thoroughly experienced team of certified marketing consultants, skilled in every aspect of Content Marketing

You can be sure you are outsourcing to the best talent available. Invite us in to speak and we will create the kind of energy needed to accelerate your marketing!

Buyer Personas

Understanding who your ideal customers is at the center of content marketing. This is an analytical process that yields the information you need to create content that appeals to your ideal audience. Your sales people are critical to this step.

What You can expect...


We will show you how to generate new visitors and convert them to customers


We start with a baseline audit and track performance from the start


We optimize content so that it yields customers ready to buy!


Use Google Analytics on your website to facilitate reports.


If your website is not converting visitors to customers, it needs to change till it does.


Select the right channels and optimize content to establish your thought leadership

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