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Buyer Personas

What is a buyer persona?

Buyer personas tell us exactly how and why your customers make the decision to buy the products, services or solutions that you offer.

We develop buyer personas with carefully crafted interviews to create precise descriptions of your customer’s habits, hang outs and drivers. The purpose of carefully crafting an accurate buyer persona is to increase conversions on your website.

All Inbound Marketing Content is based on these buyer personas. If we are going to nurture your prospect thru a buyer journey, we better know exactly what that journey entails.

Blogs, social media, and the email marketing is guided by the results of this task. It is the first step in any inbound marketing strategy

Consulting and Strategic Planning

Inbound Marketing will lead to more than 3 times as many leads!

The change from outbound or traditional marketing to Inbound Marketing requires a significant cultural shift. One that will lead to more than 3 times as many leads! Outsourcing Inbound Marketing is an ideal choice for the small to midsize company.

At the heart of such an engagement should be a consultant that owns the deliverables, is responsible and accountable for results, and is willing to work hand in hand with the team to craft a strategic plan. The plan will include Specific, Measurable, Attainable Realistic and Time Bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals. These goals will be monitored with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In addition to consulting, we project manage, team build, and teach Inbound Campaign strategy that will generate Marketing Qualified Leads to be followed by sales to close.


Blogging is The Foundation of Content Marketing

By creating and sharing informative or engaging content in your blogs, you not only inform and educate your clients, you give them reason to return.

These actions will successfully position your company as thought leaders in your space.

When you consider your blog as the foundation of your Inbound Marketing effort, it can be used as a basis for your social media marketing. Sections or snippets from the blog can be re-purposed for use on any Social Media channel. These channels bring visitors back to your blog to learn more and engage with you on your website. Creating new content and linking back to your site is great for visitors which makes it great for search engines. Watch your search engine rank climb!

Our system utilized the Duct Tape Marketing Hourglastm. Visitors learn to Kow, Like and Try your products or services. This is the top of the hourglass. They are nurtured to Buy, Repeat and Refer, becoming brand embassadors. This is the bottom of the hourglass. We have done this for many small businesses around the country. We will do it for you!

Email Marketing

Spam - The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Email Marketing.

The truth is, the huge problem of spam has forced marketers to only use email marketing to those that have opted-in or given permission. This is great news.

Today, email marketing is done with an invitation to the party! Search and email are the TOP TWO internet activities. Email is the preferred source of communication for 72% of consumers. (Marketing Sherpa 2016)

Dott Digital uses the very latest tools to create, send, monitor and report on email activity. We target your email marketing to your specific buyer personas and work hard to ensure that your subscriber's valuable time is not wasted. We will show you proven list building strategies and how to automate the process to be in sync with your customer's buying journey. We will use email as one of the many tools in our digital arsenal to nurture prospects through the Marketing HourglassTM.

Social Media

The Essence of Marketing is Being in Front of Your Customers

Now, more than ever, we pretty much know where your customers are. They are working and playing in the digital universe.

The statistics are staggering and plentiful. The point is, if you want to get a message to your potential customers, you must be where they are. Dott Digital will help you select the outlets matched to your customer's habits. We will then provide content that educates, engages and draws them to your website. From there, interest is nurtured, questions are answered and visitors are converted to leads, ready to act.

Are you too busy for Social Media, don't have the staff, don't know where to begin? Outsourcing your social media marketing to Dott Digital is the perfect way to start. You will learn while attracting customers. You will get buy-in from your company as the results pour in. Dott Digital does not do social media content as a stand alone product. To be effective, social media marketing must be part of an overall inbound strategy.

Website Optimization

Why SEO Does Not Work

Many of us have misinformation when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. In our opinion, it is partly due to the nomenclature.

It is wrong to think you are optimizing for search engines. Search engines don't buy anything. If you are not optimizing your content to cater to your ideal customer, don't expect your website to rank well. If your bounce rate (visitors leave the landing page without taking any action) is high, we want to know why. What will it take to get people to act on your website? Answer this and the rankings will reflect the quality of your content.

Of course, there are some great SEO companies out there that know very well how to convert visitors to customers. They know that this is a key element of SEO. However, the old tactics, still used by many, fall short of delivering real value to your visitors. We will take a strategic look at your website and employ the best "white hat" practices focused on your customer experience. After all, isn't it about more sales, not rankings? As your bounce rate goes down, your search engine rank will go up. Enter your email below and we will provide a free rankings report and consultation to explain.

Video Marketing

Video is the Most Powerful Tool in your inbound Marketing Arsenal

We will let the stats speak for themselves. If video is not part of your marketing mix, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Talk to us about our video packages that make video a routine at an affordable price. Our distribution strategies will put your video into the hands of your target audience.

Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-thru rate. Including Video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. YouTube, the second largest search engine, reports mobile video consumption rises 100% per year.

Credits: Statistics taken from Click Here

Services Include

  • Strategy Development
  • Scripting
  • Studio or On-Location Production
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Marketing Distribution
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • YouTube Channel Set up
  • YouTube Distribution
  • Website Integration

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Channels offers The Best Opportunity to Target Your Ideal Customer

Social Media channels offer advertisers the opportunity to reach customers as they are engaging online.

Social media is about sharing value from human to human. They key word here is value. Whether creating brand awareness, advertising for leads, even announcing an event, if it does not add value it will not be shared. Sharing takes your advertising dollar and exponentially spreads it at no additional cost.

At Dott Digital, we will craft a strategy that delivers value while producing the desired result based on the goals of the strategy.

Our agency uses the latest advertising technology to implement strategies. Channel ad development tools are used to target highly specific audiences that generate extremely low cost acquisitions, clicks and conversions.

Services Include

  • Strategy Development
  • Engaging Ad Development
  • Pay Per Click
  • Google Ad Words
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more.
  • Target/Buyer Analysis & Tracking of all ads

Dott Digital does not accept rebates from ad channels. All perks and rebates are used only for the benefit of our clients'. always.

Analytics & Reporting

Setting goals is a critical element in any human endeavor.

Setting S.M.A.R.T goals is, well, smart! Dott Digital employs Google Analytics for your website and a suite of advanced marketing tools that allow us to get very granular with our measurements.

We use analytics in every aspect of our content marketing effort. We want to know when your website is visited, by who, at what time, for how long and on what pages.

We take baseline measurements of all social media channels so that we can report Likes, tweets, followers etc. We will craft a report that encompasses all you want to know about your program. Any great marketer is in love with stats. We are no different. We know that we must show R.O.I. for every marketing dollar spent. This helps you, the marketing director, to get buy-in on all your great ideas and it helps Dott Digital stay on a path of continuous improvement.

Services Include

  • Email Opens
  • Social Media Engagement
  • All Website Statistics
  • Search Engine Ranking​
  • Link Clicks
  • Blog Sign ups & Engagement
  • Contact Us Submissions
  • CRM additions if in use
  • Much, Much More.

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