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The Total Online Presence Audit (TOPA) is a paid service provided by Dott Digital Marketing for the purpose of delivering an extraordinarily in-depth assessment of your business online. The results often lead to an engagement with us to address issues identified by the Audit. Your results will be compared with up to 3 of your top competitors revealing what you need to do to leap-frog over them by addressing the issues delivered in the TOPA.

Take advantage of this in-depth report and received a 20% discount on your first ordered service. If you do not engage us, then you keep the data and recommendations for your own use. Act today. You owe it to your business to see what's under the hood! The cost is $700 and includes a PowerPoint with all resulting data and a free consultation to explain the details.
Due to the in-depth nature of this report, your may expect the full report within 5 business days.

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